About the congress

Congress date

March 22–24, 2024

Congress language

The congress language is English

Congress chairs

Prof. Dr. Horacio Amaral Pineda
Santiago, Chile
President of the Board at Positronphama
Medical Director Positronmed

Dr. Vasko Kramer
Santiago, Chile
Head of Research and Development at Positronphama
Vice-President Chilean Society of Nuclear Medicine

Prof. Dr. Frank Rösch

Prof. Dr. Richard P. Baum


KUKM The professional conference organizers.

Kongress- und Kulturmanagement GmbH
Rießnerstraße 12 B
99427 Weimar

Phone: +49 3643 2468-0
E-Mail: info@kukm.de

Contact persons

Tina Streitberger

Coordination participants
Tina Streitberger
Phone: +49 3643 2468-169
E-Mail: tina.streitberger@kukm.de

Friederike Stumpf

Coordination speakers
Frederike Stumpf
Phone: +49 3643 2468-141
E-Mail: frederike.stumpf@kukm.de

Coordination of exhibitors and sponsors
Simon Richter
Phone: +49 30 652126-497
E-Mail: simon.richter@kukm.de