TWC 2022 | 6th Theranostics World Congress

We took a 360° view on the exciting new developments in the field of Theranostics and Radiomolecular Precision Medicine (RPM).


    Congress date

    June 24–26, 2022

    Congress venue

    RheinMain Congress Center
    Wiesbaden, Germany

    Congress Presidents

    Prof. Dr. Richard P. Baum

    Prof. Dr. Frank Rösch,

    Scientific Congress Secretary

    Elcin Zan, New York, United States

    Welcome Message

    Dear colleagues and friends

    At the closing session of the 5th Theranostics World Congress (TWC) 2019 in Jeju, South Korea, we announced that the 6th TWC would be held in Santiago, Chile, in March 2021, symbolized by the traditional handover of the TWC trophy.

    Pandemic changed our plans and unfortunately, we had to postpone the TWC-2021. Then came the vaccines, giving a fresh breath back to life and enabling us to connect in-person again. We remain deeply convinced that this meeting should be held face-to-face, facilitating the exchange of ideas, networking, and sparking discussions in the same familiar environment as before. Therefore, it is my great pleasure and honor to welcome you to Wiesbaden for the 6th TWC – but also offer the opportunity to participate virtually.

    Wiesbaden is one of the few towns not heavily damaged during the world war and has a lot to offer in history, arts, food including beautiful architecture (e.g., the famous Kurhaus and Theater) as well as Michelin-rated restaurants. The brand-new Rhein-Main Congress Center (RMCC) – located just 20 minutes from Frankfurt airport – will host us during this long-awaited gathering. After breathtaking science, you have the opportunity to relax during a very special evening on June 24th at Kloster (Abbey) Eberbach which is a former Cistercian monastery in Eltville in the Rheingau (the movie version of “The Name of the Rose” brought it to world’s attention).

    Please allow us to say, after more than 10 years – the first TWC took place in Bad Berka in 2011 – we are still at the beginnings of the extremely exciting field of Theranostics and Radiomolecular Precision Oncology. But, since the last TWC in 2019, we have witnessed an outstanding growth of Theranostics with an exponential increase in publications, clinical indications, introduction of promising novel radioisotopes and – most importantly – new treatment concepts empowered by patient advocates. Here are just a few recent milestones that we would like to share during the congress:

    1. The FDA approval of several 68Ga-PSMA ligands and of 18F DCFPyl for PET/CT imaging
    2. Positive results of the Vision trial with 177Lu-PSMA-617 in advanced prostate cancer and approval of PSMA radioligand therapy by FDA in March 2022
    3. The emergence of fibroblast activation protein (FAP) as a significant target in the tumor microenvironment (TME) and of numerous FAP-binding radiopharmaceuticals
    4. New developments on the radioisotope front such as 161Tb, 152Tb, 212Pb, Cu-64, etc.
    5. Development of novel, specific radiopharmaceuticals for targets such as CXCR4, PARP, HER2, integrins, CAIX and many others.
    6. New, promising concepts to improve the pharmacokinetic profile of radiopharmaceuticals, including albumin-binding molecules, pre-targeting, bispecific ligands, and others.
    7. Increasing number of countries able to offer theranostic treatment to their patients.

    2022 is the celebration of 25 years of Peptide Receptor Radionuclide Therapy (PRRT) in Germany which started in Frankfurt/Main in 1997.

    There is certainly a lot to learn, discuss and celebrate! Therefore, it’s our great pleasure to invite you to the 6th Theranostic World Congress from June 24 – 26, 2022, in Wiesbaden; the 7th TWC will follow in March 2024, in Santiago, Chile.

    Yours sincerely,
    Richard P. Baum, Frank Rösch, Vasko Kramer and Horacio Amaral


    Some of the topics 2022

    Radioisotope Production and Distribution – What is the Future?
    • Nuclear reactor-based radioisotope production
    • Cyclotron-produced radionuclides
    • Rhodotron production of medical isotopes
    • Radioisotope demand and European network for isotope production
    • Lu-177 supply and future demand
    • Production of Terbium isotopes and Tattoos
    • Ac-225 - the driving force of Theranostics
    • At-211 and European activities
    Neuroendocrine Tumors
    • Pb-203 image-guided receptor targeted Pb-212 alpha particle therapy
    • Novel SST2R-antagonists for imaging and therapy
    • Beyond agonists and intravenous applications – innovative strategies
    Prostate Cancer
    • Lu-177 PSMA – results of multicenter trials
    • LuPSMA – combination therapies
    • PSMAi vs. bombesin analogs
    • GRPr PET imaging in prostate cancer
    • bi-modal (OI/PET) PMSA targeted compounds
    Novel/other indications/Genetics
    • Radioimmunotheranostics - combining radiomolecular and mRNA-based immunotherapy
    • avb3-integrins
    • (Pharmaco)genetics
    • PARP
    Radiochemistry and Radiopharmacy – New Developments
    • Preclinical & clinical Evaluation of radiopharmaceuticals labeled with Terbium-161
    • The Albumin-binding concept
    • GRPR PET Imaging
    • Next generation clinical theranostics
    • Pretargeting – novel strategies
    • Innovative methods for radiolabeling with radionuclides of nonmetals (C, F, I, At, …)
    • Novel chelators for theranostics
    • Automatization and improved production methods
    • Multi-modal theranostics (e.g., optical imaging/PET/MRI…)
    • SSTR3, ERBB2, HER2, CAIX, integrins, ESR1, AR, fibroblast growth factor (FGF3), PD-1, CD8, CXCR4, CEA, CA 19-9, and more
    Medical Physics/Dosimetry/AI/Instrumentation
    • Artificial Intelligence-based theranostics
    • Total body PET/CT
    • dosimetry
    FAP, Radioprotectors, Radiosensitizers
    • Clinical translation of FAP inhibitors
    • Monomeric and dimeric theranostic FAP inhibitors
    Patient Forum/Round Table Discussion
    • The need for global standardization

    And much more ...


    In 2022 abstracts could be submitted for one of the following topics. The best abstracts were honored with the poster awards.

    Abstract Topics

    Advances in Radiochemistry & Radioisotope Production

    • Novel isotope production strategies
    • New radiolabeling approaches
    • Isotope supply
    • Advances in chelator chemistry

    Clinical Applications

    • Theranostics for PCa & NET
    • FAP inhibitors
    • Novel indications (Adeno-CAs, Sarcomas)

    Highlights in Preclinical R&D

    • New targets and interesting vectors
    • Strategies for PK improvement (e.g., albumin binders)
    • Pre-targeting approaches
    • Multi-modal theranostics

    Nuclear Medicine meets Genetics

    • Genetic reasons for (non)responding



    Poster Awards

    The best three submitted Abstracts in recognition of outstanding work in Radiomolecular Precision Medicine were honored as part of the 6th Theranostic World Congress (TWC).

    Combination of theranostics with CAR T cell therapy - a novel level in preclinical research

    Dr. Ralf Bergmann, Dresden, Germany

    Terbium-161 -  Production and chemical purity assessment

    Michiel Van de Voorde, Mol, Belgium

    Novel diagnostic radioimmunoconjugate targeting oxidized macrophage migration inhibitory factor (oxMIF)

    Friedmund Bachmann, Vienna, Austria

    Maurits W. Geerlings Next Generation Award

    As part of the 6th Theranostic World Congress (TWC) the ICPO Foundation proudly launches the 1st Maurits W. Geerlings Next Generation Award for Outstanding Research and Contributions to Actinium-225 related sciences extending to Theranostics. The award is endowed with EUR 5,000.

    Award Winner

    Dr. Madhav Prasad Yadav
    Department of Nuclear Medicine, AIIMS, New Delhi

    Award Committee

    Prof. Dr. Mike Sathekge
    Head of Nuclear Medicine at University of Pretoria and Steve Biko Academic Hospital, South Africa, current president of WARMTH and Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the ICPO Foundation


    5,000 EUR

    Number of Awards


    Award Period



    ITM AG, Munich

    Saul Hertz Young Investigator Award

    The Saul Hertz Young Investigator Award honors outstanding achievement and excellence of early-career professionals in the field of theranostics and was presented at the congress by Barbara Hertz on June 24, 2022.

    Award Winner

    Prof. Dr. Susanne Kossatz
    Department of Nuclear Medicine and Central Institute for Translational Cancer Research (TranslaTUM) at Klinikum rechts der Isar, TU Munich

    Award Committee

    Prof. Dr. Jingjing Zhang
    Department of Diagnostic Radiology; Clinical Imaging Research Centre, Centre for Translational Medicine; Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine | National University of Singapore (NUS)


    5,000 EUR

    Number of Awards


    Award Period



    ICPO Foundation

    Thomas O’Dorisio Young Investigator Award in NETs

    The Thomas O’Dorisio Young Investigator Award in NETs honors outstanding research and scientific contributions in the field of neuroendocrine tumors (especially related to Lead-212 and other alpha and beta emitters) extending to theranostics. The award will be presented by Michael K. Schultz, PhD on June 24, 2022.

    Award Winner

    A/Prof. Dr.  Jingjing Zhang, MBBS, M.D., Ph.D.
    Department of Diagnostic Radiology; Clinical Imaging Research Centre, Centre for Translational Medicine; Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine | National University of Singapore (NUS)

    Award Committee

    Prof. Jason Lewis, PhD (New York, USA)
    Emily Tow Jackson Chair in Oncology; Vice Chair for Research, Department of Radiology; Chief, Radiochemistry and Imaging Sciences Service; Director of the Radiochemistry and Molecular Imaging Probe Core Facility | Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center


    5,000 EUR

    Number of Awards


    Award Period



    Viewpoint Molecular Targeting, Inc. (Coralville, USA)